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Archive for November, 2016

Does Your 2017 Marketing Plan Include Testing?

Seasoned direct mail marketers know much of their success with the medium is a result of continuous testing, learning and improvement. Yet rather than refinement, some marketers still opt for something new when a campaign underperforms. If you were to choose just one thing to do differently with your marketing plan in 2017, let us…

Stand Out with Logoed Apparel and Trade Show Event Giveaways

Whether you’re considering a trade show appearance, event sponsorship or participation in a local street fair, one of the most desired elements of event marketing – strong attendance – also creates one of the biggest challenges: being noticed in a sea of exhibitors and visitors. Trade show event giveaways are a smart tactical way to…

Visual Storytelling is Seen and Remembered

There is a lot of pressure on marketers to produce content that goes viral, and that can be paralyzing. A more realistic and productive goal might be to just get better with each piece of content you produce. One sure way to elevate your content is with visual storytelling. Research shows you have about eight…